Ramadan Activities for Children to Grow Spiritually

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb,

Looking for Ramadan Activities for Children to Grow Spiritually? How exactly do we draw our children into the spiritual component of Ramadan? As Ramadan draws near, we may be scouring the internet looking for ways to draw the youth into this blessed time. How can we make them active participants instead of something the grown ups engage in?

Ramadan is a special training period, so we don’t want to leave our children out. They are very much a part of this month even if fasting isn’t required from them.   Whatever we gain from this month should be carried forth to the next Ramadan.  Each Ramadan thereafter can be used to grow upon and become even better.  This is the process we can use to develop our family’s spirituality and connection with Allah swt as the years pass by.  




5 Gems for Ramadan for Children


Ramadan for Children Gem 1

Try to wake the children up for suhoor from a young age. Even if the child isn’t going to fast, the time of suhoor is a blessed time. It’s a time when Allah swt descends down to the lowest levels and asks if anyone needs or wants anything from Him.   This is the Tahajjud time.  But in Ramadan, it’s more than the Tahajjud time.  In the month of Ramadan, there are two times when duas are readily accepted: Suhoor and Iftaar.

About the time of Tahajjud:

Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) mentioned : “Our Rabb (Sustainer) descends every night to the lowest heaven, when one third of the night remains and says : Is there anyone who will make dua to me so that I may accept it? Is there anyone who will ask of me so that I may fulfill the request? Is there anyone who will ask My forgiveness so that I may forgive?” (Bukhari)

Ramadan for Children Gem 2

Fasting for Children.  There is no harm in encouraging children to fast. If the child is young, maybe a goal of a few hours of fasting each day can be set.  If the child wishes to fast, make a special dua that may Allah swt grant him/her the ability to complete that goal and put noor in the heart. Make duaa for an increase in that spiritual connection – that’s what it is. It’s a connection with Allah swt that the child has at some level which is wishing to also fast in sha Allah. That connection should be nurtured with love and care.


Ramadan for Children Gem 3

Take advantage of Suhoor and Iftaar times.  Let this time be a special time where you engage in ibadah, reciting Quran, family halaqah/ta’aaleem, making duas, and goal making for the day.


Ramadan for Children Gem 4

Daily goals should be made and the family should discuss how individually and as a family unit those goals can be accomplished.

For example, if no one can recite the whole Quran in the month of Ramadan, can each chip in and recite x number of Juz in such a way that the Quran gets completed by collective efforts?

What other good deeds can we do in Ramadan? Can we faciliate donations? Do a food drive?  Can we take the children to the grocery store and buy things that people need and donate them?  Any good deed is can reap great rewards this month in sha Allah.

At Suhoor time, make a plan with the family how we as a family and individually are going to be productive today.

Then at Iftaar time, discuss how the day went, how we can improve, set backs, tips, and make dua and encourage one another.

Ramadan for Children Gem 5

Special Place: Make a special place for each family member to read Quran, Islamic books, and dua. Making a special place in the house for each can help everyone focus in age appropriate ways.




Ramadan Activities for Children to Grow Spiritually

The Ramadan Activities for Children below was forwarded to me, and so we’re passing along a giant list of practical activities that can be done during Ramadan to help children stay focused and doing good activities.  Our best advice is to use this time to work in the best way possible.

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