How to Change – 7 Simple Ways

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb Dearest Sisters,

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Aren’t we tired of the same ole, same ole? Our hearts long for more.  Our brains are tired. This world is draining.

I hear you. So, today, we’re going to highlight how to change, how to get the life back into us. Right now, we might be like plants that have been going days and weeks without water. We’re thirsty.   So, we’ll learn how to get back to life using 7 simple habits.  We highly recommend trying to implement these on a schedule and make sure to practice them everyday. If you haven’t read our article on where success and failure start, please read through that when possible.  We want to work on a few things mentioned in this article because these are proven ways to alter paths to get what we want.

Sisters, we need to change ourselves so that we can get closer to the Sunnah way of living, ways that bring barakah, hope, and direction. We can try to avoid this change if we want. We can try to block it out if we want. But sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves – well we have to always be honest with ourselves, right?

We need to make intention that we’re doing this aml so that we can please Allah swt and help our ownselves. Some of the things we’ve been learning is that even science has proven that incorporating good attributes like compassion, forgiveness, positive thinking etc are for our own benefit more than anyone else! Acting on the Quran and Sunnan is our ticket to happiness in this world and the Hereafter.  So even non Muslims realize that having these qualities are our ticket, at least in part, to being truly happy.

So doesn’t it make sense to use the proven through the Quran and science ways and walk that path instead of the path to nowhere we’re on right now? We’ll be happier people if we do in sha Allah. If we choose good now so in sha Allah, we’ll have good later.  If we want a good death, we need to live a good life. So without further delay, let’s jump right into it.

First let’s preface this with.. in order to implement these 7 habits or ways, we have to want to.  It’s like assuming a cute kitten is thirsty for milk but after giving it to her she doesn’t drink.   Maybe the cute kitten just didn’t want milk yet. So, we have to want the change, and we have to want that change bad enough that we are ready to start acting on it.

One small secret I learned a long time ago back in my university days was that – we actually always do things we believe in and if by chance we’re not acting according to our beliefs, it’s just a matter of time before we find ourselves RIGHT here on this blog ready to make the inside and outside, our hearts and actions match up to our beliefs.

So ladies, are you ready?

How to Change – 7 Simple Ways

Get up for Fajr Everyday (and please say your other prayers as well)

We can’t stress this enough – starting today.  Why start here?  All productive people have the habit of getting up very early in the morning and starting their day.  For us Muslims, it’s even more important than this. Imagine what we could accomplish in our life in this world in terms of dunyawi ways but particularly in our spiritual lives.  Imagine if we had hours where we were much more focused and full of productivity. Getting up for Fajr is a way to get more barakah in our lives in every way.

Making that effort in the morning and connecting with Allah swt is the perfect way to start the day.  If we start the day right, we may be more likely to work on the other salah times.  When we say one salah, the next one becomes easier in sha Allah.  Working on that connection with Allah swt nourishes the void in the soul. Maybe we can’t change our situation, but making dua plus making effort will help ease the discomfort of the heart.  When we take steps towards Allah swt, He runs to us. I promise this is the case because Allah swt says so Himself.

We would even go a bit further and encourage others to get up for Tahajjud.  It’s said that whoever really is in need, they make extreme efforts to get their needs cared for. We can find Allah swt lowered in the lowest heaven waiting for us to ask from Him. So we should go and meet our Rabb. Ask Him to remove the pain in your hearts. Ask Him to help improve your situation. Ask Him for khayr and afiat. Allah swt is the One who grants, and He will grant your duas.

Over time, we’ll see how the purpose of our being created comes to center stage, and by Allah’s taufeeq we’ll see that we find ourselves living a very purposeful life.

Read something inspirational.

We can’t recommend this enough – however – what is the most inspirational thing we can read?  Our Quran.  The Quran is filled with stories of encouragement, caution, and love. When we wake up in the morning, connect with Allah swt, read the words of love and encouragement that He sent to us – this is where the day gets brighter and that helps us to pull from the goodness inside of us. It helps us tap into the true feelings in the heart and soul that get covered up by the negative of the world that we encounter everyday!  If we can’t read the Quran, look at it everyday with love.  Just look at it, and think inside, Allah please give me taufeeq to read this perfect guidance and help me.  Just at least look…and try to think positive, powerful thoughts and wishes – duas sisters – make a dua for yourself that may Allah swt give this taufeeq.

Do a good deed.

When we start with Fajr and read the Quran, we read in the Quran that we should do good deeds. So let’s follow this thought progression: Let’s try to act on something in the Quran. Look around your day today for ways to act on our deen. There are always many ways to make life better for ourselves and others.  Try to immediately find a way to do good because we if think too long, that gives our nafs and Shaytan time to ruin the opportunity.  Make niyyah that the goodness is for Allah swt and not for showing off.  As life would have it, there is a such thing as our “Deeni Portfolio” and that my dear sisters is called our Book of Deeds. Let’s live intentionally and control what is filling up those pages. We might not be totally in charge of what comes our way in life, but we’re totally in charge of what gets written about what we did in response to it.  Aren’t the best stories those where we see the characters were faced with difficulties, but yet rose above and beyond?  Yes, those are the stories that feed our hearts with goodness.  Every one of us has a story, but it’s up to us what gets written.

Doing good deeds isn’t limited to salah, thikr, reading quran etc.  This includes the effort we make in this world to encourage goodness. Our deen is a social deen and since it’s so should create an urgency in our heart to help with social issues. What can we do today to help alleviate hardships from others?  Even though our niyyah is to help others for the sake of Allah swt, science has proven that helping others actually increases our own sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Exercise, even a little bit.

Get moving.  Just take a walk at least.  This will help encourage good hormones are produced which will make you feel better and relieve stress. It clears the head and gets blood flowing through the body.  It helps pave the way for the rest of the day.

Spend time in nature.

Research shows that spending time in nature increases cognitive function, memory, and attention.   Unlike natural environments, urban environments are filled with stimulation that captures attention dramatically and additionally requires directed attention (e.g., to avoid being hit by a car), making them less restorative.  Spending time in nature can help you let go of the distractions that we wrote about regarding negativity, people who bring us down. Nature touches our heart and soul in a special way and helps it heal.  It is invigorating when we connect ourselves with nature, free of the burdens of the busy-ness and reflecting on the purpose of our creation in how Allah swt created the skies, the greenery, the food, the animals, and the systems. Everything working in a symbiotic relationship, depending on one another just like all relationships. Reflect on this and think how Allah swt has given us various systems and people in our lives that we love, need, and must cooperate with in order to live amicably in this world, in such a way that we can be the best version of ourselves.

Stop criticizing others, even in your mind.

Think good things about other people even if they have done wrong. Why? Because we all make mistakes. Having good feelings doesn’t mean people have a ticket to harm you, but change the perspective. If people honestly understood the damage we all do to each other, we simply wouldn’t do those behaviors.  So think good thoughts about people and know that we’re all works in progress. We are all deficient people, who fall prey to our emotions and negative human attributes. Afford people good thinking and the benefit of the doubt because Allah knows we certainly need that.

Replace one meal a day.

And lastly, we simply need to start eating less. We eat way too much and our bodies and health show the damage we are doing. Even start fasting some days.  Overeating is one of the worst habits we can have as it takes a toll on our health and an overfilled stomach is a handicap to productivity.  If we are wealthy enough to eat for pleasure, share that meal with someone else.  This could count a double good deed for today.

To wrap up our day, let’s take our accountability. What did we do good today? What did we do wrong today? Did we hurt anyone? Did we try to help someone? We can forgiveness from those we hurt and from Allah swt. Let’s try to fix what we did wrong and make them right.  If someone hurt us, we can forgive them without them even having to ask.  Not forgiving causes us our own hearts more harm so we’re the ones who will benefit from forgiving. In addition, we can reflect on the blessings we had today and be grateful for those.  As we discussed in a previous article, gratitude actually saves lives.

Doing our own accountability and correcting ourselves before we sleep will help us start fresh and clean in the morning which will enable the best version of ourselves to shine. in sha Allah.

We hope in sha Allah everyone has the best day possible, full of barakah and khayr.







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