What is Happiness?

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb Dear Sisters,

We’re starting a new (long) series on happiness.  in sha Allah.

We all want it, but many of us don’t know how to get it.  Can we fake smile until that smile becomes real? Is it that we put on our happy face for the world but inside we feel like crying? Or is there a way to get the real deal from the inside of our heart to the out?

This series will cover a lot of material, some of which is scientifically backed and some which is deeni backed. Somewhere along the lines, the two merge…and I bet you can’t wait to find out how our deen is very scientifically backed!!   But we of course don’t need science to tell us what Allah swt has already told us thousands of years ago.

Also, along the way, we’re going to be engaging in exercises to retrain our minds practically so that we can change how we look at the world and internalize that new sense of perspective so that we can indeed achieve greater happiness in our lives.  During this series, we’ll be pulling from research studies (will give links as far as possible to original writings and studies), from my own personal training in Psychology, as well as, whatever this humble one has learned through her aalimah program thus far. With Allah’s help, we hope to organize it in an easy way.

So please buckle up and stay with me because this ride’s about to get fun!


To Avail This Series:  Please complete the contact form below.  This series comprises of short videos.   Please note that this series is only for women, and we request please kindly don’t listen in the presence of male relatives.

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Much love and duas,


Ilaa Noor