We’re in Control

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb dearest beloved sisters,

We hope and make dua everyone is doing well in sha Allah.  Today I was sitting in the sunshine trying to soak up some rays, trying to get some Vitamin D, which by the way isn’t just a Muslimah problem. Low levels effect over a billion people worldwide. We just don’t get enough sunshine, some due to our own lack of effort and some due to environmental circumstance.  It’s sad because lack of Vitamin D really has major impact on health, including causing us to feel down, sad, fatigued, among other things like increases our risks of diabetes, heart disease, fractures, rickets, well the list goes on and on.  I won’t bore you with those details but please do get your daily rays. Yes we can take some supplements but nothing can compare or replace what Allah swt has given us, even Scientists tell us that.    So if you’re feeling down and just not getting on with life well, this might be a cause – among lots of others. But do see about it please : )
So the message today is –  Nothing outside of us has the power to make us feel good or bad. I know.. that is a really big statement.  If there are situations around us coming at us from different angles, we have to get up and do something about it.

How to Take Action:

…. what makes us feel good or bad is how we internalize everything, our perception and then it is our decision to control how we feel and how we react. 

Who are we right now? Are we the ones who sit dreaming of a better life? Are we the ones who wallow in self pity? If we’re anything like that, we have to change our mentality and our take on life.  We don’t want to be caught in the, “I’m a victim” saga.  Yes we might be the victim, but we don’t want to keep a victim mentality. It’s crippling, and we don’t want to be those people.   Right sisters?   Our deen teaches everything so we need to kind of hone in on those lessons of love, patience, perseverance, generosity – all during the most difficult of times.
Now how we choose to feel and react is a giant topic.  At the core of this issue really is how do we change and how do we change for good.   In which way should we change and what’s in our power to change?
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