How to Give Dawah

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb,

How to Give Dawah: based on a retrospective look through my own experience when I first reverted to Islam.

“When will she look like a Muslim,” is what I heard from the corners of my ears.  I was hardly Muslim for five minutes and that’s what someone told another person at an MSA meeting.  I thought I’d sink into the ground. Allah swt asks us to give dawah with wisdom. The strange thing is that a lot of times Muslims give dawah without speaking a word, without ever looking at others and trying to fix them and their lives.

However, awfully said or not, the person was right about my clothes even though I was more covered than most of the other girls there. He was right but it just hurt.

Dear friends, we should always give dawah in a positive way that doesn’t sting the heart of someone else.  Honestly, I learned about Islam just by looking at a few Muslims who were inspiring to me. No one had to say anything. I saw them and started trying to learn this beautiful way. I could see the differences between them and me. I could see how their priorities were focused on Allah swt even though they were normal college students like me at that time.

One of the beautiful aspects of our deen is that its beauty is apparent in ways we don’t even realize ourselves. Just as I saw some beautiful characteristics in some of the Muslims I met, I am sure they had no idea. They were not high practicing people walking around with tasbihs and beards or niqabs.  They were common people who were genuinely nice with a radiant, tolerant personality.

As we reflect today on how “us” common people are, we should consider how we are a source of dawah. We are representatives of our deen, even if we don’t realize it, and even if we’d rather not be.  But Allah swt has chosen each and every single one of us to be His so we want to make Him proud and pleased with us.

love and duas for all of mankind,

wassalaam ma’al ikraam