What Follows Us?

Assalaamu Alaykum Dearest Sisters,

Hope and make duaa all are doing well.

I heard the following advice last night and thought to share it in my own words as it was not in English. If we could just realize and embed this .. SubhanAllah.

1. We might (or even might not) enjoy doing something which is sinful, but the enjoyment of that will stop within a few minutes or so.  The punishment of that sin will keep after us, follow us to the grave and all the way to Jahannam.

2. We might feel some discomfort when doing a good deed, but the discomfort we feel will be short-lived, but the reward for that good deed done despite discomfort will follow us to our graves and all the way to Jannah. in sha Allah.

Dearest beloved sisters,  one last thought…   how can Allah swt guide our feet if we refuse to move them?

Let’s make true and complete taubah and turn our lives in the right direction.

Much love for the sake of Allah swt.

Walaikum Salaam Ma’al Ikraam