Real World, Real Problems, Real Actions

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb dearest sisters,

Being kind to people is really very stressed in our deen. We can do small things that can add up to make a big difference. We just have to open our eyes to the issues going on around us.

For example this is a true clip from a story: students of a North Carolina high school have opened their hearts – and their pantries – to fellow students in need. Filled with toiletries and non-perishables, the supplies have made a great difference to the needy teens attending the school.

In another story I read, a 7 year old boy gave a poor kid in his class one of his coats so he can go out and play at recess.

I remember in Quran class one day aapa jee was talking about how we don’t have a financial crisis in the world. We have a distribution problem. I truly believe this. If a few students can think of this beautiful way to share, what can we and our children also do?

One thing I see here in Saudi Arabia a lot are free fridges on the corners of neighborhoods. Those fridges are always stocked with various food stuff and cold water bottles. I am not sure that’d go over so well in all places, but the idea and humanity of it melts my heart.

Dearest sisters, what can we and our kids do today to help  our fellow brothers and sisters?

love and duas, wassalaam ma’al ikraam