Peripheral Chatter

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb dearest sisters,

It’s amazing how dunya is just right there knocking at the door. It’s amazing how we know that, and we still welcome it in and do its ikraam. How do we maintain that balance? We can’t shun the world totally as we have to live here. ¬†Where do we draw the lines, especially when the lines become so blurred to us?

Well, it’s like if you’re playing cricket or baseball and you can hear the chatter – the chatter meant to distract the batter so the pitching team can win then suddenly for a split second, the batter looks away and my friends that’s when the batter misses the ball or tries to hit the ball and is a little too early or late…the aim is off. The – aim – is—off… and that is what this dunya is, something waiting for the most opportune moment to take us away from our aim. It makes a lot of noise. It makes a lot of action. It makes a lot of distraction. Maybe most of the chatter goes unheard except for one very smart voice, and that is where we missed. We still have to play the game. We don’t quit the game because there is chatter, but we have to focus and become stronger. We have to toughen up our ears so we don’t hear the outer and we amplify the inner …heart beats of ours that beat with the thikr of Allah swt. We drown out the chatter. That’s the only way a batter doesn’t miss. And if it happens that the batter misses… the batter just tries harder next time. No batter is perfect from the get go.

Focus so you can hit the ball…. focus so you can smash those nafs. Don’t care whatever you hear out there – that’s just a bunch of useless chatter whose only aim is to distract. Close the door..of your ears, eyes, and heart. Don’t welcome the unwelcomed in and do its ikraam.

Please remember this deficient one in duas

much love, walaikum salaam ma’al ikraam