How Do I Become Better?

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb dear sisters,

Am making dua all are well in sha Allah.   Came across this ayaah from our Quran class from a while ago…and just wanted to share this again.  This ayaah is just SO SO striking. It’s from Surah Muhammad Ayah 17.

“And for those who have adopted the right path, Allah swt improves them in guidance, and gives them their piety.”

SubhanAllah.. sisters all we have to do is make some effort and turn our hearts to Allah swt, and Allah swt will help us, guide us, and make us among the pious ones in sha Allah!

We ask this question all of the time…how do I become better? What is my first step?  So the answer is here. Turn to Allah swt and Allah swt will just take us in His grasp, in His pakkar…. He is always ready to take our sinful YET repenting selves to Him.

Allahu Akbar Kabeera…. a short ayah that sums up hours upon hours of discussion.

Just decide today that we want to be the beloved of Allah swt, just make whatever effort we can, and Allah swt will make the rest easy.

I heard this story..  there was an extremely obese woman who wanted to start exercising but she was so obese she couldn’t get her shoes on to even go out of the house. So someone told her.. it’s ok.  Just put on some flip flops (canchi chappals).  She then said but I can’t make it very far.  So someone told her, it’s ok, let’s practice putting on your flip flops and walking to the door.  Then in a few days, we’ll practice walking out of the door. I’ll hold your arm and help you. We’ll walk this far together til you can walk that far alone.  And with love, care, and help….she is now able to run!

She had to decide and act according to her ability.  And there was someone there to facilitate her ease. Alhamduliillah.   Once we decide, Allah swt will be our Facilitator of Ease. And what He can do with us is beyond what we can imagine. Who we can become is unimagineable.

May Allah swt make us all His special beloveds.

Love and duas