Dart Frogs and Dunya

Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb dear sisters,

So, when you have a house full of kiddos you come across a lot of interest in creepy crawlies and you name it. So, one day we were researching the life cycle and their book used frogs. So we were looking at the different kinds of frogs and we came across these small and completely amazing dart frogs.  Their vibrant color varieties and and their cuteness (for a frog lol) was astounding.  But, in case you don’t know, there’s one issue…

Dart frogs come from the Amazon and in their habitat (not the ones in the zoo etc) are small, pretty, and one of the most dangerous kind of species on Earth!  One drop of the Dart Frog’s toxin will kill us in 3 minutes. The toxin will enter through a microscopic cut on the hand for example and kill. There is no cure.

When I learned about these frogs, I immediately thought about the dunya. (I know.. must be a strange connection). But, it seemed just like how one may be lured in by the attractive qualities of something and catch us. If we have a weakness we’ll be the next victim. The minute we are vulnerable, the toxin of the dunya or all of various capacities and way can enter into us.

Alhamdulillah, there are cures and help for this kind of issue in the deen. We sometimes ask how do we “disinfect” our heart from the toxins of the world.  We have learned from our teachers for our spiritual health (no particular order):

  1. Zikr is a cleaner of the heart.
  2. Doing true and proper Taubah wipes away our sins as though they were never there.
  3. Keeping good company: spend time with those who are better in deen than us.
  4. Avoiding sins ourselves and those sinning.
  5. Giving dawah: when we give dawah, it’s for ourselves so this helps remind and encourage ourselves in the deen.

We’ve heard these basic naseehat so many times, but we sometimes fall back somewhere. So when we find ourselves fallen back, we just want to focus on these few areas and others our teachers have mentioned and in sha Allah, we’ll find a big difference.

… so when I asked my kids about the moral lesson of the frogs (because you know I had to bring in a deeni teaching moment) one told me that it’s like candy gives cavaties and cavaties can make your heart sick and maybe you will die. (whoaa..stop the train honey bunny…) I couldn’t have anticipated that reply!  My 11 year old understood though and the others kind of just smiled, loving dart frogs and wondering if they have sticky feet.

We make duaa Allah swt keeps all of us and our families protected from harm and protect our hearts from becoming attracted to the harmful things in this world. May we all have istiqamah fid-deen and love what is lawful and good for us. aameen.

with love and duas,

wassalaam ma’al ikraam